youth for christ


Because of You…

Young people in the war-torn country of Burundi are being reached with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Because of the genocide there, most everyone has heard of Rwanda, but few know about its neighbor Burundi, whose civil war started before and continued 13 years after that of Rwanda. There is a saying that “When Burundi sneezes, Rwanda catches a cold.” Burundi is located in the heart of Africa, directly below Rwanda. Its trouble began in October 1993, when the first elected Hutu President was assassinated by a group of Tutsi army officers. This spawned years of extensive ethnic violence and mass genocide as the Hutu extremist groups attempted to wipe out the Tutsi minority.

With assistance from the United Nations and the African Union, the last rebel group recently entered into ceasefire and political integration negotiations have begun, thus leading Burundi into a state of fragile peace. Burundi is a beautiful country with lush greenery, spans of beach along Lake Tanganyika, and breathtaking mountains at every turn. Within a climate of hope and expectation, Burundi’s development is constrained by the absence of high integrity leaders.

Youth for Christ Burundi’s strategy for the development of high integrity Christian leaders has a number of interlinking programs including:

  • Training of emerging leaders
  • Overcoming spiritual warfare through prayer
  • Reaching lost souls for Christ through outreach evangelism
  • Nurturing abandoned orphans at the Gitega orphanage and community village

They use a number of activities to achieve these programs including:

  • Christian Clubs high schools
  • Community Clubs for kids
  • Ministering to street kids
  • Discipleship through small groups
  • Gospel meetings
  • Prayer with mothers: “Operation Hannah”
  • Prayer with fathers: “Watchmen”